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Thursday, April 12, 2012

She's the Salt of the Earth

It's Thursday. Also known as the day I peruse the Sac Etsy Team listings in an effort to find a selection of items that inspires me enough to put them all together and think of a clever title. ALSO known as my turn to create a team treasury. What started out as an attempt at compiling items with earth tones, turned into a song reference from way in my past, which resulted in me having lots of warm fuzzy memories of high school (something that nothing in the treasury has anything to do with). I swear, I never wore a girdle in high school and I definitely didn't know how to embroider yet. Treasuries seem to be a pretty important part of being successful on Etsy. Without them, you have no chance of getting recognized on the front page. Seems that all anyone does on Etsy is either try to make money, or try to be on the front page. Myself? I'll take the money. Treasuries are just for fun. PS Anyone out there who reads this. I swear I will give you a 50% off coupon if you can write me the lyrics to the song I'm referencing in a comment. Anyone. This is a test to see if anyone is reading. Ready, Go.


  1. Greenday "She's a rebel"
    She's a rebel
    She's a saint
    She's salt of the earth
    And she's dangerous

  2. Casey D, email me at and I will give you the coupon code. I'd post it here but then anyone could see it and steal it from you ;). Good job!