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Saturday, January 29, 2011

There's a hole in my pocket, dear Liza, dear Liza...

Once upon a time, there was a girl, and she got knocked up. Whoops! Time to buy things! Nine months (and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in baby clothes and toys and furniture) later, helllllllloooooooooo Peyton! And thus it was proclaimed that she was the cutest baby in all the land (sorry other mamas!).

Fast forward one year. Another whoops! Time to buy things! But wait...we already bought all that stuff...and Princess Peyto Pants is still using most of it! Whatsoever shall I overspend on? Pedicures! Oh no, you have to shave your legs to get those (NO massage, no matter how great will convince me that it's not embarrassing to have stubbly legs uncovered in public). How about clothes???!!! Every girls dream right? "ooh now that I'm preggo I get to wear all sorts of cute clothes to show off my bump*!" Oh, wrong again, pregnant brain equals no shirt or dress is appealing, appropriate for the weather, going to fit, you name it. So where does this leave us, fetus and self?

Open mouth, insert food.

*pudgy uterus holder

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things CAN look towards the up-side!

So today we started doing our taxes, and realized that, as a result of being poor and struggling ALL year, we get a big bonus from our grand old government come tax season. Time to pay off those creditors that have been nagging us for the past six months. Time to start actually opening the bills when they come and answering the 800 numbers when they call!

Also with a move possibly in the works, this time up north to be nearer to family, I have something to look forward to. Not that I don't love paying 850 a month for an apartment that barely fits our THINGS, let alone 3 people (one more in the works) and two cats. I really do love it in San Diego, but the reality is, we could use a lot more space and Peyton needs to grow up with a support system of people that love her. And I can't think of two people who could possibly want to spoil that baby more than her Auntie Em and Uncle Scotty.

On a lighter note. Why did that man drill holes in our kitchen wall yesterday and no one was going to bother to come over and apologize or even FIX it? Hey, now we can watch what our single, 30 something, hairy scary man neighbor is doing in his apartment whenever we want. Things are looking up!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011

I think Peyton is more fun at parties than I am! She always wants to say hi to everyone and see everything that's going on. Even if that means big sloppy pit bull kisses! She had a hard time getting to sleep at Miss Tasman's house with all the music and hooting and hollering!

It was fun to watch everyone else get crunk while I stuffed my face with goat cheese and baguette. And even more fun to show off new years baby Peyton. Spent the magical midnight moment at Emily and Scott's with Tim and all the kitties. It's pretty much time to watch even more jersey shore while I drift off to sleep. I have a sister and brother and law who are going to be very hungover in the fun for me and Peyton!

Telling the World

Maybe it's time to start telling people I'm pregnant. Really though, the only reason to tell would be to allow myself to complain about coccyx pain or how much weight I don't want to gain. No one really cares about that but me. Plus, I don't feel like enduring congratulations or other happy sentiments. Not because I'm unhappy, but because until I meet this little baby, I don't know exactly what to be happy for.

I already did the whole buy the baby crap, tell everyone who's listening, get all the attention thing. I just want to spend the next several months taking care of myself, enjoying Peyton as an only child, living our life and figuring out where in the heck we are going to put a second baby.

Maybe if we tell more of our friends, their excitement for us will transfer to me. Or irritate me. Ask me later.