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      So many of the things that I make or do are inspirations from pinterest. The problem with that wonderful website is that all the beautifully photographed diy's might leave one feeling awfully disappointed when their effort turns out...slightly less perfect. So I'm going to post pictures of all the projects I've done from pinterest, and link back to the tutorial.

      Gives you a more realistic view of what you're getting yourself into. Because, let's face it, there can only be one Martha Stewart, and Martha Stewart herself pretty much already has the job.

Project Diaperccino

      This was something me and my sister decided to do for a friends baby shower in lieu of a time consuming diaper cake. We've got three kids under 2 between us, we don't have time to make diaper cakes!

      Found this on pinterest, and the Starbucks lover in me perked up immediately. The tutorial was originally for strawberry diaper milkshakes, but this was for a baby boy shower, so we went with mocha frappuccinos!

      Other than changing the color of the washcloths and using glittery brown ribbon swirls instead of a strawberry as garnish, we didn't stray far from the instructions. The hardest part was making the labels (and the most expensive, oddly enough) which my sister did in Adobe InDesign.  The cups I bought from a local drive thru coffee shop for a dollar for all four, the tray was free from Starbucks, the paper straws I already had from a sale at BevMo, and we used diapers that we already had (hey, no point in buying a brand new package of diapers when you've already got them). The washcloths and onesies were just from Target.

      That was my favorite thing about this project. It cost VERY little money but made a huge impact at the shower. People will think you bought them at a little boutique or spent hours crafting them, when in reality, they took less than 20 minutes to put together.

Project Packaging

Packaging Using Scrapbook Paper

     Obviously I did this one on a larger scale as I needed to fit sets of three and four burp cloths in the packages. It worked out alright, but as my papers were the full sized 12x12, I had to use glue instead of sewing at some parts because they wouldn't fit in my sewing machine. You'll see what I mean if you try it...pain in the patootie! 

      This set of burp cloths in the packaging went to a customer in North Carolina and the feedback I received was excellent! I probably won't continue to use this method of packaging though as it was more trouble and the results were NOT consistent. I think it's probably perfect for smaller items though and a great way to use up extra scrap paper! 

     The reusable felt bow is also a pin of mine from the Prudent Baby blog. I absolutely love them. We also have these bows for sale in our Etsy shop or in the shop section of the blog. They are a great alternative to the plastic ones they sell in stores and give you a lot more bang for your buck since they are totally reusable!

Project Shirt Dress
Toddler Shirt from Men's Shirt

     I absolutely did not follow the directions on this one! I happened to have a bag of men's dress shirts that were doomed for goodwill as they didn't fit my brother in law or my husband, but I couldn't let that happen. I knew I could do something with them because...well, because I spend a lot of time on pinterest. So the project began.

       This is the nearly perfected 4th try at this project. I know I promised to post pictures of pinterest projects that didn't turn out perfectly, but this is the only picture I have from this one.

     I'm terrible at making my own patterns so the best I can do is take clothes that do fit Peyton and trace around them. That's what I did to get the general size and shape. I cut out fabric from a fat quarter I had laying around to do the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. As I am not a seamstress...I really have no idea how to explain how I did this. My idea of sewing clothes is looking at ones I already have and copying whatever they did. So you can imagine it's really a trial and error thing.

      However rudimentary my sewing skills may be, this is probably one of my favorite shirts of Peyton's. It looks like a little bowling shirt and she is SO cute in it. If you know how to sew, this is a great project to try to salvage old shirts from goodwill or your own closet. And you can change the style of shirt or dress to whatever style you want! Good luck!