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Friday, April 13, 2012

Measure for Measure

I am so excited to have ordered some pieces from this wonderful designer and I cannot wait to get them in the mail. Time to pay a little lip service to Kiki from The Measure!

Kiki Fluhr of The Measure makes some of the most unique and special little girls clothes I've ever seen (and I do my fair share of browsing for little girls clothes). Her use of fabrics and addition of vintage materials makes for beautiful pieces that every little girl and her mother will love.

Her designs strike the perfect balance between "my daughter is being swallowed by ruffles and bright patterns" and "not only are there 6 Peyton's at Sunday school but they're all wearing the same dress". The benefit of buying handmade from Etsy is that, you know without a doubt that you are supporting someones small business that they worked so hard to build. There is something to be said about that kind of creativity and ingenuity.

Another bonus is that she accepts old oxford shirts and vintage doilies in exchange for store credit. I, of course, ran right down to the local antique mall that I frequent daily (no joke, I'm there almost daily some weeks). I knew that they had doilies on sale for excellent prices and a great selection to boot. Hope she likes the ones I sent! I'm even considering taking a page out of her book and sending out a request for some of the vintage children's books that we love so much at Babes in Bookland. Such a good idea!

So go check out Kiki's shop on Etsy, and like it on Facebook. She's always adding super deals for Facebook fans!

Photo credits go to Shannon Sewell. Check her out at

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