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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Spring Market

We were recently invited to participate in the upcoming second annual Spring Market in Curtis Park. It's a local craft fair that coincides with the Curtis Park home tour and we could not be more excited! Finally got around to reserving a spot this morning.

It was especially flattering to be invited specially by the lovely woman coordinating it. It's always good for morale to get that kind of recognition (just ask Sally Field). Link to website, directions, and some links to last years vendors after the jump!

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Birthday for Husby

I'm one of those people who loves gift giving. I go in stages as to who I feel like shopping for. Sometimes I'm always finding things for my kids, sometimes my sister, lately it's been my husband. He's a fairly simple guy who is typical in every way. His likes include sports, burritos, beer, sports, and beer. But I like to try and be more creative with the things that I get him.

When it comes to men, I have to assume they get really bored with ties and picture frames with their kids in them. I know mine does. So I've compiled a list of things I think he might like (since his birthday's coming up and all), and that others husbands might like as well. Could also be for a brother, father, uncle, cousin, nephew, nice waiter or bartender. Any male you know well enough to buy a gift for!
Links to these products after the jump!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


The past few days some of my mobiles  have been featured pretty heavily in treasuries on Etsy, thanks to a game we're playing in the Top Treasury Team. It's been really fun seeing what themes people find to put the books in. Most of them have been just gorgeous, I can't help but feel like I don't deserve to be in them...but I guess they think otherwise!

I'll continue to add and switch out treasuries for all to look at as they happen. Maybe I'll even add some of my own. Check the side!

I Have A Blog?

As Peyton would say. "Oh there it is! You ok?" Yeah, blog, you ok? You seem to have been left to fester for quite some time. I mean, last time I posted I was nowhere near having a baby and now I have a chubbawubby 6 month old...time flies when you're having anxiety attacks, opening an etsy shop , your sister has a baby, your parents get separated, you start nannying for your sisters baby, you discover pinterest, and get a dog that subsequently eats all but two pairs of your shoes leaving you to wear the same flats and ugg boots with EVERYTHING. Not necessarily in that order.

Welcome back self. Lets see how long goes between now and the next post...